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Sexual violence is devastating to its victims, whether it occurs at the hands of a family member, mentor, teacher, caregiver, counselor, or stranger. The mental and emotional scars left in the wake of sexual abuse or assault can last a lifetime. When perpetrators are not prosecuted or convicted for their crimes, many survivors feel devastated and powerless. Some victims do not realize they are entitled to pursue a civil lawsuit against a sexual abuser for monetary damages for the injuries, pain, suffering, and emotional distress they have been forced to endure. Sexual abusers must be held accountable. Similarly, those people in a position of authority who fail to protect those in their care must also be held responsible.

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Common Types of Sexual Violence/Misconduct

  • Sexual Assault:  There are many forms of sexual assault, but generally a sexual assault occurs when someone engages in sexual activity with you against your will and by using force or the threat of force.
  • Rape:  Rape is generally known as unlawful sexual intercourse with another person without his or her consent 
  • Statutory Rape:  In Connecticut, the age of consent to engage in sexual activity is 16 years old.  Statutory rape may have occurred if an individual who engages in sexual activity is under 16.  
  • Child Molestation:  Engaging in sexual activity with a minor.
  • Fondling, groping or inappropriate touching:  Has someone touched you, groped you, or fondled you in an inappropriate way without your permission?  If so, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Child Pornography:  Visual portrayals of sexually explicit behavior involving a minor.  If you were forced to be photographed or filmed as a minor, you may be entitled to compensation. 
  • Intimate Partner Assault: Unwanted fondling, groping, touching, or intercourse by your intimate partner.
  • Voyeurism:  The practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they have an expectation of privacy or are engaged in sexual activity.
  • Other nonconsensual activity that threatens, intimidates, or coerces a person.   

While sexual abuse can be committed by a complete stranger, often times sexual abuse is committed by someone the victim knows or has a relationship with, such as a family member, friend, coach, teacher, camp counselor, therapist, doctor, priest, or clergy member.  Furthermore, sexual violence can occur in any number of places such as at home, at a relative's house or friend's house, at school - whether it be public, private, or boarding school, at an institution, at a doctor's office or therapist's office, at a hospital or medical clinic, or at a sports camp, summer camp, or daycare.  

Were you or someone you love sexually abused as a child?  It's not too late to file a civil lawsuit.

If you are an adult who was sexually assaulted, molested, raped, groped, photographed/filmed, or forced to perform sexual acts as a child, you have until the age of 48 to file a civil lawsuit.  A civil suit can help you obtain justice against your abuser, compensation for the severe distress caused to you, and closure so you can move forward with your life.  Learn how Lueker Mott Zezula can help you.   


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